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Coffee in Pods

Coffee pods' ultimate goal is to provide the customer with the unparalled pleasure of tasting this much loved beverage, anytime, anywhere.

Pod types

Espresso and soft pods are nothing more than coffee beans that were roasted, ground and wrapped around a double-layered filter paper (compacted in espresso pods and non-compacted in soft pods). The biggest advantage is that they are packaged in a nytrogen-injected aluminum envelope, which brings the benefit of zero light interference or oxidation. Check out the three different types of coffed pods produced by Modelli:

E.S.E Single serving

Espresso pod with an average weight of 7gr, and 45mm of diameter, E.S.E Easy Serving Espresso standard, for use with semipro and professional group machines.

Double serving pod

Espresso pod with an average weight of 14gr, and 57mm of diameter, for use with semipro and professional group machines.

Soft pod

Pod with an average weight of 8gr, and 60.5 mm of diameter, for use with home machines (Senseo® standard).

Modelli Private Label

Meet the Private Label

Now you have the advantage of offering your customer with a unique experience at every coffee cup, not having to worry how it's done. Private Label is Modelli's smart service that makes your coffee brand ready for use in the single serving pod version, the most profitable way to guarantee your brand's standards for taste and quality, as well as the commitment of full management of the entire productive process, from filling to delivery.

The service includes:

  • Our coffee is ground and packaged in a modified atmosphere.
  • Customized aluminum wraps
  • Custom kraft box
  • Delivery service

Contact us about the minimum quantity for purchasing Private Label.

Main benefits of coffee pods

Tips for a good espresso

The roasting
Dicas - Torra

For just the perfect espresso, Modelli always suggests testing processes that will define, in the cup, the ideal roasting degree in order to have all the aroma oils preserved.

The grinding
Dicas - Moagem

The grinding process has a very important roll, and therefore, all Modelli’s packagers have a wide array of adjustments in order to get the best creaminess possible.

The cup

Coffee should ideally be served in an spherical porcelain cup, with its base narrower that the top, which contributes in maintaining the correct temperature and increases aroma and flavor perception.

The crema

The thick and rich cream layer serves to preserve temperature and aroma before its consumption, by adhering to the inside wall of the cup.

Customer Service

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