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Our Factory

Our filling machines are manufactured by one of the most traditional companies in Italy. Our option for such top-of-line gear was so that we could establish Modelli as the best suppliers of Espresso and Soft Pods.

Modelli Private Label

Meet the Private Label

Now you have the advantage of offering your customer with a unique experience at every coffee cup, not having to worry how it's done. Private Label is Modelli's smart service that makes your coffee brand ready for use in the single serving pod version, the most profitable way to guarantee your brand's standards for taste and quality, as well as the commitment of full management of the entire productive process, from filling to delivery.

The service includes:

  • Our coffee is ground and packaged in a modified atmosphere.
  • Customized aluminum wraps
  • Custom kraft box
  • Delivery service

Contact us about the minimum quantity for purchasing Private Label.

Step-by-step manufacture process

  1. 25kgs of roasted coffee beans are inserted in a stainless steel container.
  2. The 25kgs of beans are then aspirated into the first mill's silo, where they will remain stored and hermetically sealed.
  3. 15kgs of beans go through the second mill's silo where they will be ground.
  4. 500grs are then poured into the compartiment where the filling process will take place.
  5. 7 grs of ground coffee are portioned in a double track over a thin layer of filter paper. Next, the filter is welded.
  6. Every 60 seconds, 120 pods are individually packaged in aluminum envelopes and tossed in a conveyor belt.
  7. The conveyor belt tosses the packages directly into kraft boxes, ready for transportation.
  8. The coffee pods are now packaged and ready to be delivered.

Customer Service

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