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Passion for coffee

We created Modelli from our passion for coffee, and our goal is to be the market's best service provider. Our filling machines are manufactured by one of the most traditional companies in Italy.

Welcome to Modelli

Modelli - Seu café em sachê

MODELLI has been on the market since 1995, when it started distributing MOKAROMA and TRADITIONAL Espresso coffee pods through the company Grão Espresso, Due to the market’s wide acceptance with this type of product, we decided to become both manufacturers and service providers.

This way we are making available for both brazilian and international market the real and best espresso and soft pods. We’ve been operational since December 2001, and our Production Department is trained and fully capable of working and developing new product-related projects.

Our facilities follow all national and international operating standards, and have the physical capacity of housing up to 4 equipments. Today we are producing the following types of pods: single serving espresso (average weight of 7 grs), double serving (average weight of 13 grs) and soft-pod (Senseo® standard, average weight of 7,5 grs).

Our productive capacity

With two filling machines, we put a 240/pods a minute production capacity at our
clients' disposal.

  • 240 pods per minute
  • Three 8-hour shifts, for 6 days
  • 8,000,000 pods
  • 57,000 kg of

Modelli Private Label

Meet the Private Label

Now you have the advantage of offering your customer with a unique experience at every coffee cup, not having to worry how it's done. Private Label is Modelli's smart service that makes your coffee brand ready for use in the single serving pod version, the most profitable way to guarantee your brand's standards for taste and quality, as well as the commitment of full management of the entire productive process, from filling to delivery.

The service includes:

  • Our coffee is ground and packaged in a modified atmosphere.
  • Customized aluminum wraps
  • Custom kraft box
  • Delivery service

Contact us about the minimum quantity for purchasing Private Label.

Customer Service

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